Photos from Our Events

Click on a button below to view photos from that event. They are color coded by club year which goes from July through June.

Founders' Day 2019

Fraternity Day of Service 2019

Holiday Luncheon 2018

Meeting at Peggy's 2018

The Children Book Bank 2018

Kickoff at Andi's 2018

Heritage Hike in Salem 2018

Founders' Day 2018

Fraternity Day of Service 2018

Oregon Alpha Initiation 2018

Holiday Luncheon 2017

Oregon Alpha Sr. Mixer 2017

Heritage Event 2017

September Reading Event 2017

Kick-off Tea Party 2017

Convention in St. Louis

Founders' Day - 50 Years+150 Years

Oregon Gamma Senior Dinner

Signature Event - Saturday

Signature Event - Friday Set-Up

Painting In Paris Party

First Half 2016-2017

All 2015-2016 Photos

Fraternity Day of Service 2015

Holiday Luncheon 2014

Angel Walk 2014

Kick-off Luncheon 2014 - Maja's

Founders' Day 2014

Holiday Luncheon 2013

Foundation with Jenny Pratt 2013

Kick-off Event 2013 - Missy's

Founders' Day 2013

Jersey Boys in Seattle 2013

Fraternity Day of Service 2013 Video

Holiday Luncheon 2012 (very few pix)

Kick-off Event 2012 - Maja's

Founders' Day 2012

Fraternity Day of Service 2012 (joint)

Holiday Luncheon 2011

Founders' Day 2011

Abby's Closet 2011

Fraternity Day of Service 2011

Holiday Luncheon 2010

Founders' Day 2010

Fraternity Day of Service 2010

Holiday Luncheon 2009

Founders' Day 2009

Holiday Luncheon 2008

Founders' Day 2008

Miscellaneous Events

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