Contact Lake Oswego-Dunthorpe Alumnae Club Officers

Most of the officers from last year are continuing this year. Thank you to Irja Orav for serving as Corresponding Secretary for the past two years.

Click on the officer's name below to send an email note to her ... or you can write to to send a note to all officers listed below.

President / Events Chairman
Susan Jonnatti Maxwell, Pennsylvania Zeta

Vice President of Communications / Webmaster
Maja Tanaka Berge, Oregon Alpha

Vice President of Finance / Collegiate Liaison
Megan Duerk, Ohio Beta

Interest Group Coordinator
Jennifer Roberts Johnson, Oregon Alpha

Panhellenic Delegate to Portland Alumnae Panhellenic
Cynthia Knox Guenther, Oregon Beta

Special Projects
Cherie Brambilla Beatty, Oregon Beta

Silent Auction Chairman
Kathy Graham Gadler, Illinois Zeta

Corresponding Secretary
Peggy Bennett Lawson, Washington Beta
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Others on committees this year:

Literacy Events and Invitations
Lisa Critchlow, Oregon Alpha

Holiday Luncheon Coordinator
Marilyn Boeck DeBonny, Oregon Alpha

Arts and Crafts
Barb Buttler, Oregon Alpha

Oregon Alpha - Liaison with Collegians + Happy Hour Coordinator
Natalie Pepper, Oregon Alpha

Oregon Gamma - Liaison with Collegians + Happy Hour Coordinator
Keiley Baldwin, Michigan Gamma

Our club officers strive to follow the principles of servant leadership in both our Pi Phi and personal lives. In October 2012, Pi Phi announced their updated Leadership Model. To read more about it, click here.

If you would like to help lead our club in the future, please contact President Susan Maxwell. New officers are elected in spring of each year.

If you would like to be considered for a Pi Phi position outside of our alumnae club, contact Pi Beta Phi's Leadership and Nominating Committee.